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Gwiza Amahoro Clubs

In order to implement a centennial dream in other words the “Gwiza Amahoro Program 2100”, AJECL founded Gwiza Amahoro Clubs that act as a platform for youth who dream a peaceful world. Since 2016, AJECL elaborated a program of 9 months where youth are organized in clubs at school, university, or in the parish and follow training on peacebuilding to obtain certificates as disciples of peace on the international day of peace each year. The target number in 2020 is 1,000 young people certified as disciples of peace

In this regard, AJECL has developed a comprehensive module that focuses on initiation on Rwandan crisis history (Ethnic and political problems since 1895), initiation on the concept of inner peace, initiation on the culture of peace and its pillars and initiation on Active Non-Violence, its principles, and steps among others.

Up to 2019, AJECL has certified more than 500 young people organized in 8 Gwiza Amahoro clubs namely Gwiza Amahoro club Mageragere, Gwiza Amahoro club Nyamirambo, Gwiza Amahoro club Ndera, Gwiza Amahoro Club CSA, Gwiza Amahoro Club LNDC, Gwiza Amahoro Club SBE, Gwiza Amahoro Club KIST, Gwiza Amahoro Club RHIH.