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Given the conflicts experienced by the people of the countries of the Great Lakes, given the wars that have taken place since independences and especially in the last decade of the 20th century, and in the particular case of our country which witnessed the genocide perpetrated against Tutsi with its consequences, it is probable that the continuous logic of violence could lead the region to the humanitarian crisis that the world has never known.

To hope for the survival of the region, it is not enough to think of socio-economic development, it is also necessary to introduce a different logic than that of the violence which helps the younger generations dominate their anger and exploit it positively for the good of their countries.

AJECL would like to be the pioneer of the popularization of a new logic of thought and action which is “Active Non-Violence” AJECL Peace salutation word “GWIZA AMAHORO“<<<>>>”TUYAGABE”

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