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Gakenke: AJECL appeals to the youth not to seek wealth in gangs that disturb the peace of others

Gakenke: AJECL appeals to the youth not to seek wealth in gangs that disturb the peace of others

The Peace Movement organization AJECL (Association des Jeunnes de Saint Charles Lwanga), in its work to develop youths by teaching them to be self-employed and helping them to find capital, together with the Gakenke district, they ask the youths to work for money through good ways, not to go to gangs like ABAMENI, ABUZUKURU BA SHITANI and others,

The period of one week from 21st to 25th November 2022, 18 participants from Gakenke district in northern province of Rwanda, mostly young people, participated in training organized by AJECL organization for peace which took place at Rulindo Parish, whose objective was teaching them to be self-employed and helping them to find capital.

By the end of the training on 25th of November 2022, they said that they have got a lot of knowledge which is going to help them start their own business, so that no one who can trick them into making money illegally.

“We have been trained to work for the purpose, so now we are going to make money for other money, the loan will help us in terms of development, this is a clear long-term project, we will not do illegal activities such as the sale of cannabis and other things that hinder peace, to become rich is something that one prepares, the youth should understand that richness is planned” said Mrs Tugirimana Ernestine from Muyongwe Sector.

Tugirimana Ernestine from Muyongwe Sector (Photo AJECL)

“I learned to count my time and know that an entrepreneur strives for the results of what he/she has done, I would never steal or destroy ones’ houses, so I arrived to know that I can use my time to get from one stage to another one in development”, said Isaac Mushimiyimana from Coko Sector.

The peace organization AJECL, which is helping these youths to get out of poverty, says that it is committed to helping the youths so that no one who can change their attitudes, in taking them to make money from illegal activities such as terrorist groups and other gangs prostitutes, because gangs groups don’t give peace to the community.

Father Iyakaremye Theogene; the founder of AJECL, who serves as a missionary in Ruhuha Parish in the Archdiocese of Kigali where he is in charge of the youth, says that no matter what happens if you refuse money from illegal sources, the best sources are always available.

“what tends to happen is that many youth people are like people who are hungry, they are looking for money so that anyone who comes, and says money they follow him, that’s why you see some in terrorists’ groups in wars for no reason, you see that some peoples who have money consider youths as the tools using to achieve their goals” Said Father Iyakaremye.

Father Iyakaremye asks youths not to make money in bad activities (Photo AJECL)

Father Iyakaremye says that AJECL is engaged to change this perception, saying that “the youth should have their own goals and they have to follow the elders because they would help them achieve their goals, so AJECL, is helping the youth, in training them to know how to make a purpose in life, so here I tell you the truth, if you don’t take money from bad deeds, good deeds will be found”

This is confirmed by Nizeyimana Jean Marrie Vianney; the Mayor of Gakenke district; who says that in order to prevent youths making money illegally, these youths will be monitored in a special way and the district administration will help them to get more capital added to that which will be given to them by AJECL.

He says “I assure that these children; young men and women who receives this money will be helped to properly monitor in order to make profits and increase of investments, so for them to go to gangs or any other group with bad behavior would not be possible, the administration will keep an eye on them.”

Mayor Nizeyimana Jean Marrie Vianney (Photo AJECL)

Six groups of 150 youths from Coko, Ruli, Muhondo and Muyongwe, will receive a grant of two million RWF for each group to start development projects, the money must be returned in two years in order to be given to other groups.

The AJECL organization continues to work on youth entrepreneurship, in the last two weeks ago, youths from Rulindo district also were trained, where six groups will be given this grant, two million RWF for each group.

The trainees are given the responsibility to train their peers to have a common understanding of money management, and entrepreneurship.

Other photos: 

Trainees during business plan assignment (Photo AJECL)
Trainer Rusine Alex, advising trainees on how the can develop business plan ( Photo AJECL)

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